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Friday, February 22, 2013
Good evening all my blogging friends. Hope you all made it thru these last snow storms
that were hitting so many of us. Only had to shoveling out 2 times today! Which is good.
I was up when Jim got home this morning and he started snow blowing and I started shoveling at 6:30
this morning. He had worked all night , so he wanted to get it done so that he could go to bed. Poor
guy. I did the second round of shoveling by myself while he was sleeping, It wasn't quite as deep as the first time of shoveling.
Lonny and Kathy and girls got back a bit ago from their trip to Florida and I guess are coming down here to pick up Lucy tonight. I will be back to just one dog in the house. Lucy will be happy to get away from Chinook and Chinook can quit worring about having to share her treats! Me-- I'll just have one dog under
my feet! I don't know how people with 3 and 4 dogs or cats do it. 1 is just right for me!
Have a great weekend everyone.
Hugs Donna

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  1. This is so true, thank you for sharing! Glad your family is back safe and sound, bet it was a shock to their systems from Florida to all that snow! Sorry you have had so much of it. We dropped 50+ degrees since Monday, was 28 this morning after hitting 80 on Monday afternoon!
    Well, got the chores to do, so best get my cats fed, 3 inside and 6 or more outside....LOL! The more the better, at least they don't have to be walked in snow and ice! Bet Chinook is tired of sharing, I know my 3 divas all vie for their treats at different times, like they are teasing the other two! LOL! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Mat




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