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Monday, February 25, 2013
Hi all! just a short note tonight before I head for bed. Beautiful spring like day here today, I think it got up
to 37 degrees today. Not bad when some states were getting 2 ft of snow. What a weird weather year we have had. I sure hope this summer isn't like that- if it is, then we will have the extreme heat again, and I don't like that--that's why I live in Minn and not down South! LOL I'm real happy when it's 80degrees with a breeze.
We went and visited my mom today and had a nice visit, had some pictures of the grandkids for her and
took her some fresh baked cookies. It's been about 2 weeks since we have been over there, so it was time
Whjen we got back to town I dropped Jim off at home and then went and got my hair cut. I have been putting that off for a few weeks too, just didn't know if I wanted to let it grow or not.
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hugs Donna


  1. Love this WA but there is a typo in it. Should be than, not then.

  2. O how true this it! glad you had a good visit and got your hair done. I got mine cut on Friday, not too short (it is too curly to wear short) but trimmed up and even got a free facial on Saturday, my brows waxed and I even had a massage later on Saturday! Great pamper me day! LOL! Thanks for sharing this one! Hugs, Mat

  3. I love this sentiment! Thank you for sharing. It looks like it should warm up a little here in Montana, so give it a week and this might slide over your way. Hope so! I know how you feel; the warm summers are supposed to make up for our cold winters. Doesn't work that way when they are hot instead.




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