You can see all my digital scrapbooking pages if you scroll down past the wordart. Go take a peek!
I have labeled my wordart, past and present, so now it should be easier to find. Scroll down ,it's on the left side.

Sunday, April 26, 2015,_take_a_nap__donnas_digital_creations.png
Hi, hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for Monday. Are ya? LOL
Jim has been hunting Turkey all weekend and will be hunting again tomorrow, because he hasn't
gotten one yet, Our son Lonny and a friend both got theirs on Sat. after just a hour of hunting.
Not my poor hubby! But he usually does get one and our son has been hunting turkey for about 5
years and this is the first for him! So we were all excited! I have a bunch of pictures to scrap now.
Our oldest grandson has his first prom yesterday, so I'm anxious to scrap those pictures, He sure was a handsome little devil! I'll share my page when I get it done, so you can all see him!
Mom is feeling better, but the whole floor (her apartment floor) is coming down with the flu now,
so a whole bunch of them are confided to their apartments, even have to take they meals in their rooms instead of the dining room.
The weather has been beautiful the last few days and is suppose to be for most of the week.
The grass is greening up and we will have to start mowing soon, glad Jim will be doing most of that,
Have any of you gotten your flowers for outside yet? A lot of people are buying and planting, I'm just not into it yet, seems too early yet. Maybe I'll feel like buying and planting next week,
Anyway, I suppose I better finish up here and think about getting ready for bed.
Have a great week!
Hugs Donna

Thursday, April 23, 2015'm back!  How is everyone doing? Things are good here and the weather is finally getting nicer.
I have been over to visit mom- she has been sick with pneumonia so she has been real miserable
and then at 84 years old it takes loner to recover back from something like that. I have been trying to fight something off too, not sick, but just don't feel up to snuff!
Have a good one.
Hugs Donna

Saturday, April 18, 2015
Happy weekend everyone, Hope you are having nice weather like we are enjoying.
Today is suppose to be the last sunny one for a few days tho. rain is moving in now and cooler temps. But we really need the rain, so not complaining here!
Been extra busy and feeling real proud of my self. I got the spare bedroom walk-in closet all cleaned out and our walk-in attic. Hauled some stuff to the curb (give away) and it all went- got 4 boxes of stuff for the good-will truck that is coming on the 27th and 4 boxes of books that I took out to the arena for the Hospital Book Fair that is going on the 26th.
Jim and I got our new tile laid down in the up-stairs bathroom and a new bi-fold door installed in our bathroom down in the basement. Wheeee-
Yesterday we got the carpet up-stairs shampooed and the carpet in our entry way.
Today I did my regular cleaning. Jim went out to where he hunts Wild Turkey and checked that out and set up his Turkey blind, getting ready for next weeks hunt!. He is all excited!!
Well. going to go and do a little digital scrapbooking. Maybe work on some new wordart for you all.
Hugs Donna
I'm going to start posting a few of my older ones that are still on 4-share. for those of you that might like them.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015
It seems like it has been forever since I have posted any thing, sorry.
We have been gone with our son and family to soccer touraments out of town , and before we
left we were cleaning- yep cleaning --out closets, our attic , trying to get rid of stuff that we don't use or want anymore. Making room in the spare bedroom for our daughter when she gets here to stay for a bit. We have the basement to start on next, gotta make the back room ready for our grandson to use for a while.
Spring has finally sprung here, at least I hope so.
got a couple of my windows open today and it's so nice. Not ready for the hot weather, I really don't care for the heat- especially when it gets in the 90's- I like it in the high 70's and low 80's!
Have a great week everyone, it would be great if you took a min and talked to me on here, love to hear from you.
Hugs Donna

Sunday, April 5, 2015
Happy Easter Everyone! Hope you had a great day with your families. We did, had part of our family here with us today, some were unable to be here, because of illness, other family issues or just to far away. For those that weren't with us in body, there were here with us in our thoughts.
This evening is now quiet and we are just going to veg out the rest of the night. I will probably do a little scrapping, while Jim naps  off his
full stomach! and then we will probably just watch something on TV tonight.

Hugs to all--

Tuesday, March 31, 2015
Happy Easter everyone! I know it's a couple days away, but I probably won't be posting again before then. If I do well then I'll tell you it twice. LOL
I guess I am having Easter this year, out son and daughter-in-law have had it the last few years, but she has been real sick, so I'm doing it this year. Haven't decided what to fix yet, other then the turkey and ham. how about desert, anyone have some that is extra special that i could fix? post if you do, I would love to hear what you all are having.
Gotta run, we have to take our granddaughter to soccer practice tonight, so I have to get supper done.
Hugs Donna

Friday, March 27, 2015
Here's a Easter one for you, hope you can use it ,

Feb 8 '09 freebie

Feb 8 '09 freebie
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Feb 8. '09 free wordart

Feb 8. '09 free wordart
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FEb 10-2009 freebie

FEb 10-2009 freebie
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Older Person wordart freebie

Older Person wordart freebie
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