You can see all my digital scrapbooking pages if you scroll down past the wordart. Go take a peek!
I have labeled my wordart, past and present, so now it should be easier to find. Scroll down ,it's on the left side.

Monday, October 28, 2019's that time of year again, time to turn our clocks back one hr. Most people hate it, where I which they would never Spring  ahead. I know, I know, I'm weird! LOL  After supper I love to get comfy and settle in for the evening. When it stays light until 9:30 at night that is really hard to do.
The leaves have fallen and it's getting Chilly in the evening and early morning. They are saying light snow later on this week.
Hunting season is just around the corner, so we will be heading up North for the around the first week of Nov.  Deer hunting is almost like a holiday for the men in Minnesota. The women love it, because their husbands are gone hunting and they can go shopping , don't have to worry about cooking,it's like a weeks vacation for them too.  Now me, I go to the hunting cabin with them, and cook their meals. Fun time for all!!!!
Have a wonderful week everyone. Hugs  Don't forget to share your smile with someone who doesn't have one.

Thursday, October 24, 2019
here's a new one for you all, hope you can use it.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 is a oldie, that some of you might not have.

here's  another oldie. tomorrow I will add some of my oldie Fall ones

Sunday, October 6, 2019 Sunday to you all, hope you had a nice weekend and got all rested up for the new week.
We did a bit of yard work, got some of my deck and porch stuff put away for the winter. I think our warm weather is done with, sure hope the rain is.
We went to our granddaughters college soccer game and got seated and they canceled it, because the fields were to wet.  Not a lot of happy campers! LOL We only had about a hr and a half drive, but some had a lot further. The girls had a 5 hr. drive, yep, not happy.
We were suppose to go up North to our hunting cabin this weekend and do a little work before hunting season starts in Nov and do a bit of 4-wheeling, but they were getting a lot of rain  and then snow  up there, so we decided not to go. Now we will just go up in Nov.
Have a great week everyone.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019 made this facebook timeline for anyone that wants to change their timeline for Halloween. Just a little something different from the wordart. I'm going to make a couple more of them and some Halloween wordart too. Enjoy the rest of your week.
The elements I used for this came from DSD Studio Blog Hop - they called it "Trick" --lots of fun stuff from a lot of different designers. Go have a look see.

Sunday, September 22, 2019, I thought I would add a new one for you all this morning, Everyone seems to be traveling or on vacation, so I thought this one might be good for some of your scrap pages. We usually have a place in mind where we are going, but some people love to get in the car and just drive and see where they end up. Anyway hope you can use it. We just got back from Southern Minnesota, went on a Amish Tour and seen a lot of interesting things and how simple their lives are.  And we went to a Winery and a Apple Orchard. Seen a lot of beautiful country, The rolling hills and bluffs down there are beautiful.
I have lived in Minnesota all my life and there is so much I haven't seen in this beautiful state of mine.
You all have a great day and a even better week coming up.  Don't forget to give your smile to someone who doesn't have one.

Friday, September 13, 2019                                                      Here's a new one for you all.  Remember to take pictures, everyday ones make the best memories, and those pictures are the cuties to scrap.


My layouts........These are pictures of My life~~My joys~~~My
treasures~~My everything!.
Doing these pages has relieved my stress somedays, helped
heal my heart on days that I think it is going to break, but
most of all I remember My wonderful family, friends, and
life. I'm hoping that these pictures will bring some joy to
others in the years to come and they too will remember the
good times and "yes" even the not so good times!