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Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1 '09

March 1st??-Can you believe it?! Where did Jan and Feb go? The OLD saying "The older you get -the faster time flies" is turning out to be true. I must be getting REALLY old, because the time is flying by REALLY fast!
It's been real cold here yesterday and today, but should start to warm up starting tomorrow, It does sound like we could be getting another good sized snow storm later this week. High School Hockey Touraments are starting in a week or so and we usually get a snow storm for that. I just made the stupid comment yesterday that we were not going to get any more snow!! Somebody kick me for saying that-PLEASE! Open mouth-insert foot-- That's me!
Jim has the next few days off and next week he works the day shift, so that is good. He worked last night, so will sleep until 1 or so today.
Rhonda, boys and Me went up to Burnsville yesterday, walked around the Mall and checked out some of the stores, stopped at the 1/2 priced Book Store and got some pocket books for Jim and the boys got a few books. We're trying to get Brady to read more, and now that he is picking his own reading material, it seems to be helping.
We stopped at Lonny and Kathy's and seen the girls for a few minutes and picked up our Girl Scout Cookies.
We need to stop on over to Bob's and see how he is doing, this past week was the first ALONE for him since Jo died. Chad is there with him some of the time, so that helps. Some days I go get the phone and plan to call Jo and see how she is feeling today, and then I remember that she isn't there. It sucks- Big Time!
Well, enough of that, best go get something done.

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