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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wordart Cluster for Today

Good morning everyone! It's Sunday here and guess what , we got snow during the night! Yep, it's true, not a lot but the ground is covered. I haven't heard if there is more coming or not- guess I don't want to know! LOL The weather bug is flashing on my computer, so I guess something is still going on.

We went and checked out the puppies and dogs that they had for visitors Day down here at the pet store-really cute golden Retrievers and a little black Lab, but it turned out that they all had been spoken for and were going to good families. They did have two older dogs, but they were bigger then we were hoping for. The little black lab had only one eye, his mother had stepped on him when he was born and put his eye out, but boy was he a cutie!

Jim got the bar stool legs cut off and they fix GREAT now by the table, the boys tried them out last night during supper. We have been talking about doing this for months and now just got at it! our next project is to clean out all the extra paint that is in our attic that we aren't going to use and take it out to the hazardist waste center. Another job we have been going to do for ever!

We stopped and visited Bob Yesterday (his wife Jo is the one that died in Feb) and wanted to see how he was doing. He had been cleaning house!! He looked good. He said he had been out cleaning the yard and finally got rid of all Jo's DayCare stuff, the lady next door took most of that for her daycare. He was there alone yesterday (Chad must have been working)- except for the 2 big dogs- they keep him company. I think he'll be coming over next week when we have Char's Birthday Party. We see him at least once a week , the rest of the friends haven't seen him as much. They are having Jolene's burial on the 17 of this month, I guess. Maybe then everyone will get some closure. Her sister is still having a real hard time. Some days I still wanta pick up the phone and call her to see what she's doing and how she's feeling. And it's still real hard to walk in her house and not see her there.

Today we might be going up to Lonny's to help him work on his patio door, and then again maybe not, with the weather the way it is, might not be a good idea! Of course it might not have snowed up there.

Hope ya like my little cluster that I did up yesterday. I figure it can be for both the little girls and boys in you life that play softball, baseball or T-ball. I never made the element, they are all freebies or a piece that is out of a kit that I bought, from all those wonderful designers out there.

All 4 of my grandkids ( that are here) are playing ball this summer, I think Maggie is playing T-Ball again. I forgot to ask Kim last night if Tyler was signed up for any ball this summer. They have a month left and then Scott will be leaving to Kansas for training and then he will be deployed to Afghanistan the 1st of July. They are headin to L.A. next week to visit old friends for a few days- these are all stationed at Fort Polk and most of them are in the Army rather then AF like Scott- even tho he is Air Force, they were stationed on the Army Base when they lived there.

Well, I think I have yapped enough this morning, better go get dressed and see about getting breakfast for these boys soon, one is still sleeping the other is watching cartoons.



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