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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wordart For Today
What a lazy day I had. I really didn't do anything to day. Jim and I went up to Applevalley and went to Gander Mountain to get his deer license and we stopped by the Dollar Tree to pick up stuff for the cabin- paper towels, cups- plastic spoons- stuff like that. I figured if we took it with us on our trip next month, we wouldn't have so much to haul up there in Nov for hunting season. I'll have to check things out this coming trip to see what we are out of up there. I know we need coffee and paper plates for sure.
I didn't even cook- I bought this Pot Roast (stew Like) in a bag that you can either cook in the oven or the Microwave. It WASN'T SO GOOD! I would say don't buy it! Jim didn't say a word about it, but when I ask him if he wanted the left overs for lunch tomorrow- all I heard was one single word "NO". I don't think he like it either. LOL
We went over to Char and Rons for a little bit tonight, Jim had a couple beers with Ron and of course they talked big (as men do when they have a couple drinks) And us women just agree with everything they say!!! Ya, your right Honey!!!! Ya Right!!!!!
And If you don't already know it--I hate bats!! And of course we were sitting around the outside fire pit and what is flying around us---?---You guessed it-BATS!!! I really don't like them, even if they do eat bugs.
Now this girl is off to her bed, will talk again tomorrow.


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  4. hey donna thanks for the have the best sense of humor.....
    okay, so I gotta know, where'ya from? I live in Lakeville, so when you said you were in AV and at Gander......well you're right down the road....




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