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Thursday, January 3, 2013   
Good morning everyone, hope you are all doing good now that
Christmas and new Years Eve is done for another year.
I started the new year with a dandy head cold! not so good! LOL
Our daughter and family left for home yesterdayand we were very sad to
see them leave.  They ended up staying an extra 4 days, because of the weather and just becase they didn't have to rush back for work or school.
So we got few extra days with them , which was great!   Got all my Christmas decorations down yesterday with a lot of help from hubby (bless Him) now I need my cleaning fairy to come in and help me out! Where oh where is she when you need her?
didn't even take Chinookfor her walk yesterday, I felt so horrible and I never do that, but Jim come thru again and took her. It was sure good to have him home yesterday! LOL
Have a great week ,you all- i know there isn't much left of it. Is it just me or do the rest of you get all screwed up on what day it is, especially over the Holidays . Today seems like it should be Monday, maybe because Jim just went back to work this morning.hings will get back to normal now and we can settle in for the winter.


  1. Hey girlfriend! Glad you got to have the extended visit with your family! No, you are not the only one that gets the days mixed up. I have to check the calendar or my pill box to make sure what day it is....ROFL! Sorry you feel bad, hope the cold goes away as quickly as it came! Have a great relaxing weekend! Chat more next time, Hugs!!

  2. Wow Donna. You know me??? LOL

    I got a cold before Christmas and while my head has cleared a bit, it's still on my chest. A hacking cough.

    Yes, everday has been Saturday or Sunday since Christmas.


  3. This is great. Love it. Hugs Lynne from OZ

  4. Lol! awesome... this will be a great one on tags... Thank you for sharing




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