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Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Hi, it's been to long since I was on here to give you guys a freebie. Have you been by?
We were out of town last weekend, had fun visiting our family up North, not to far, just 3 hours north of us.
And we got our gambling fix in, so n ow we should be good for 6 months or so! lol I did pretty good
playing black-jack, but not much luck on the slot machines. Jim wasn't having much luck on either one. 
Isn't that the way it goes, one wins and the other one loses, very seldom do both of you win at the same 
When we got home we decided to go shopping for one of those "little" snowblowers. We have a big one, but I wanted a littler one that would work on our deck and the sidewalks for when Jim was working. I can
use the big one, but it's not that light to handle. Soooooo.....
Any way we didn't come home with a snow blower , but we did  buy a new living room set- couch - 2 chairs and 2 ottomans! Had to wait 2 days to have it delivered, so we were watching Tv while lying on the floor! Our daughter got our other furniture and took that home on Sat. night. So we were without any until Yesterday.  Jim was working yesterday, and guess what the delivery guy came by himself and had no one but me to help him unload and carry it into the house! We had quite a time, but did get it in here.
Have you ever bought something and thought it wasn't that big in the store and got it home and it seems huge?! That's my furniture! lol  I do like it, but wish my livingroom was a bit bigger.
Well, this was going to be just a short post and I have been rambling on here forever.
The snow is slowly melting, and then at night freezes and the sidewalks are terrible in the morning when me
and Chinook go on our walk. So we have mostly been walking on the road.
Until next time- I will try not to wait so long before I post again. Leave a little love if you stop by.
And thanks to those of you that have left me a little note- love hearing from you. 
Hugs Donna

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  1. O how true! Thanks! BTW love the new living room look. Saw the photo on FB! Glad you won, but Jim lost! Way it always goes. Have a Happy and very BLESSED Easter! Hugs, Mat




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