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Tuesday, August 20, 2013
I thought this one was really cute, so I did it up. Hope you all like it too.
It's hot as blazes here today, finally had to turn the AC back on! I hate doing that. I'm sitting here wearing a sweater and you step outside and it's so hot you can't breath.  My bones start hurting really bad when it starts getting cold in here or I have  the cool air blowing on me. It's my fibromyalgia that does it to me. Or else old age! LOL
I haven't been to busy today, we had the boys here today and Brady got the yard mowed before it got to hot and the dog walked  and all the other little odds and ends that needed to get done outside. The rest of the day we have spent inside. Did get a bit of laundry done. We are going up to Lonny and Kathys tonight for supper and Jim is going to help Lonny fix something on his trailer. Whoo Hoo  no cooking for me tonight!
I haven't had anyone leave a comment for a long time. Mat always leaves me one- bless you Mat. Otherwise I wouldn't think that there was anyone else out there except me.
Well, better finish this up and maybe go play a bit of Candy Crush! Anyone else play that?


  1. Oh, Donna! Thank you for this! When my 21 yo gd was little, her mom sent her "computer" with her for a visit - and let me tell you, except for the batteries which NEVER EVER died in the next 3 years!!, this thing was loud as hell, annoying as hell, and certainly had no off switch. We have laughed about this toy for years now - and when reminded, like now - I can STILL hear that annoying fingernails on the blackboard kind of noise. LOL!

  2. Hi Donna! Love this one, I don't have the kiddos or the grand kids toys, but my kitties have some that are loud! LOL! When I visit where my great nieces are...I get real tired and irritated really quickly with the noise though! Guess I am just old and grumpy, huh? NOT! Thanks for sharing this one and yes, I play Candy Crush on my Ipad (not on FB though)....I am on level 37 and I just downloaded the game last month! Hooked? U betcha! LMAO! Have a great day and keep up with the cute freebies! Hugs, Mat




My layouts........These are pictures of My life~~My joys~~~My
treasures~~My everything!.
Doing these pages has relieved my stress somedays, helped
heal my heart on days that I think it is going to break, but
most of all I remember My wonderful family, friends, and
life. I'm hoping that these pictures will bring some joy to
others in the years to come and they too will remember the
good times and "yes" even the not so good times!