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Thursday, October 24, 2013
Hi everyone! How is the weather in your part of the country? Starting to get rather cold here in Minnesota, the Northern part has had a bit of snow already and us here in the sorthern part are starting to get the snow flurries and then it melts when it hits the ground. But, WINTER is on it way! I am not looking forward to it this year, which is strange because I always love winter. It must be AGE!!  LOL  We are heading up North this weekend to get the cabin ready for hunting season which starts the 9th of Nov. So we will go this weekend and then come home and go again on the 8th. Wow thats a lot of traveling in such a short time. I'm not liking that part of it. What we don't do for our husbands- RIGHT? I don't even hunt.
And then in just a few days our clocks change again< it seemed like we just changed them. The time is just flying. They say the older you get the faster the time goes. I sure don't like this getting older stuff! At least this clock change we gain a hours sleep. But I sure don't like it getting darker earlier. Some people will be going to work in the morning in the dark and coming home in the dark., that really sucks!
Well I better haul this old butt off to bed, 4am comes real early and we have a 6 hour drive in the morning. And then I talked to a friend of mine that still lives up there and she tells me to DRESS WARM! We will be getting to a cabin that is cold and it's going to take a few hours for it to warm up --Brrrrr  Have a great weekend everyone, talk to you when I get back.

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  1. Thanks for the freebie. have fun getting the cabin ready and be safe. We had a few storms with lots of wind, lightning and heavy rain on Friday night, but back up to upper 70's today! Winter takes it's time getting this far south in Texas! Yep, getting old is not for the faint of heart is it? But still so much better than pushing up daisies! LMAO! Hugs!! Mat




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