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Saturday, November 16, 2013'M back from up-north and what a trip it was.
No deer this year, but I got to visit with a few friends and we got snow up there.
We came home a bit early because of skunks@ There must have been 1 or more under the cabin and some other animal must have decided they wanted them for breakfast- either a Pine Martine of a fisher, because we we woke up at 2am to their fighting and the unbareable SMELL!  We left there at 3am, got packed and loaded including the 4 wheelers and draining all our water pipes(so they didn't freeze over the winter) unload the frig (gas)  and we were gone! I have had to wash everything and I mean everything since I got home. Our bins all the clothes (even the clean ones) food containers and we had to use scent away on our boots and in the truck. It was a horrible morning! The next day wasn't a whole lot better with all the cleaning we had to do. No we have to figure out how to get rid of skunks from under neath the cabin, if there are still some there.
We raked leaves yesterday and today, had 45 bags of them to take to the compost, then this afternoon I cleaned the upstair rooms, moved our bedroom around for the winter. Tomorrow it's the basement that is going to get cleaned and then the main floor of the house after that. I am going to have to get my Christmas stuff up right after Thanksgiving, because I have jury duty starting the 9th of Dec.
Well that enough venting tonight, enjoy your Sunday everyone.

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  1. Thanks so much Missy for the cute is so very true. We have a new addition to our family now. Big Boy 10pds 9oz. Hope you get all the stuff to de-stink....LOL. Here if an animal is sprayed by a skunk we use tomato juice to kill all the odor. Hope you can find how to be rid of them...your poor cabin will just have to stink all winter, huh? Have a wonderful Sunday. Hugs, Mat




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