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Monday, December 2, 2013  Hi,  isn't it fun getting older?? I hate it , but I guess it's the best of 2 things----getting older or being dead! LOL  This hasn't been a real good last few weeks. My mom is 83 and we have been trying to get her into assisted living/memory apartment. We have been busy getting all the paper work done (my sister) handled that part like a expert. a nd getting her apartment furnished. We decided that we didn't want to leave her in her trailer alone, so she stayed here at our house for the last week and then on Sat I took her to my sisters ( we live only 20 miles apart) and she is staying there until we move her into her studio apartment on Wed. Anyway we took her to see here new apartment today and she wasn't happy.  The fastest way to break a persons heart is to see their mother cry! Even tho' it's something we know we have to do to protect her , I understand how she must be feeling. To have someone else tell you where and how you are going to live has to really suck!!!
I'm going over on Wed to go with them when she moves in and then we will have lunch with her there. I cry every time I think about this. Sorry.
Hugs's%20reindeer%20crossing.png Here's another old but goodie one for the Holidays


  1. Many thanks :) What I would call multi-tasking

    Sending hugs for mum, your sister and yourself.

  2. Sorry to read about your mom. My mom turns 80 this month and I think about what will happen when I am forced to make decisions like what you are having to do. Thanks for sharing the cute word art.

  3. We went through a similar process where my husband's mother cried and begged to return to her home (where she was totally unable to care for herself). It does break your heart, but know that it is your love for your mother and your concern for her well being that requires this action. You and all your family are in my heart and thoughts.

  4. Thanks again Donna, trying to play catch up on what I missed. LOL! Hugs, Mat

  5. So sorry about your mom, had to do the same with my dad and another friend's mother, it is heart breaking but it happens to all of us eventually and it is always better to protect instead of neglect. Love sent your way! :)




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