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Saturday, June 21, 2014'll_live_forever__donnasdigitalcreations.pngHi all, thought I would post this before I take off for the Day. I have my nieces graduation party to go to this afternoon and before that I am going with my brother to take my mom back to her Trailer house to Maybe get a few more of her things that she might want at her apartment. She hasn't been back there since last Nov, when we took her out of there because she wasn't well. We have been afraid to take her back, thinking that we might not get her to leave it again. My brother is here visiting for a few days, so we figured that this was probably a good time to do it. We really need to get the trailer sold before winter. ugh, what a job!
Jim went fishing this morning with our daughter and son-in-law, so he we meet me over at the party.
We only have a couple more days before we head out for Colorado for a few days. Kidda excited to get away from everything here. You know how that is, anxious to go, but really happy to come home. We will be home for a few days and then will be leaving to go back up North,~~~ that is if everything still isn't flooded up there yet. We are having a lot of flooding here in Northfield too, Our Main downtown is 1/4 under water! Not good

, the river runs right down the middle of our town and Main street. This is just a tiny bit of
the result of the flood.  Have a great weekend everyone.
Hugs Donna

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  1. Thanks for the cute wordart. Hope the weather will cooperate with y'all, it is either feast of famine around here and believe me we need the rain desperately. Finally got some this morning, but when it comes down in sheets, it doesn't have the chance to soak in and that is what we need...LOL! Hope you enjoy the visit to Colorado. Be safe and have a grand time! Hugs, Mat




My layouts........These are pictures of My life~~My joys~~~My
treasures~~My everything!.
Doing these pages has relieved my stress somedays, helped
heal my heart on days that I think it is going to break, but
most of all I remember My wonderful family, friends, and
life. I'm hoping that these pictures will bring some joy to
others in the years to come and they too will remember the
good times and "yes" even the not so good times!