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Saturday, July 5, 2014!.png
hi everyone, I'm finally back. 
We had a great trip and visit in Colorado. Met a great guy that I have been talking to over the computer for the last few years. He served with my son-in-law . Him and his wife were visiting the kids the same time as us, so it was great to finally meet him.We brought our grandson home with us, he will be here until Friday and then he heads home with his other grandpa, who is going out there for a visit. He is having a ball since he got here, he when to Valley Fair, on Thursday , then we all got together for the 4th and then this morning he way on his way to Duluth, with his aunt and uncle and girl cousins. They were going to show him all the fun things in Duluth. Goose Berry Falls, All the big ships that come in harbor, things that we have seen a lot and some times take for granted. We he gets back tomorrow he will be golfing with his other grandpa and probably see the other side of his family, and then spend some time with his boy cousins that are here in town.Then back to Colorado to start school, they start the first of August out there, so he is starting a whole month before they do here. He will be taking his drivers License at the end of the month and right behind him at the end of Sept our other grandson takes his. This grandma is not a happy camper! LOL
We didn't go up to our cabin up north this weekend, because of all the flooding up there the road into our cabin is flooded and they have closed the road. Which I was kinda glad that we didn't go, I wasn't ready for another 6 hr trip after just getting home from a 14 1/2 hour trip. Hopefully in Aug we can get up there.
Well. I think I am going to get off of the computer and go read a little before I go to bed.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Hugs Donna 

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