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Good afternoon everyone, or morning or evening, which ever one applies to your time zone. It's afternoon for me. I went over to Cannon to help clean some more on my moms trailer, had to clean the 2 bedrooms. The lady that is doing the estate Sale has quite a job ahead of her. She is making som headway, but there was too much stuff, so she isn't having the sale this weekend. It will have to be the end of the month instead.
Was over to see my mom  on Tuesday and our son was over there last night, and she is rather angery with us all for going thru her stuff and not taking her over there. But she would never get thru it and would try to keep everything and put it in the studio apartment that she has. I hate to say it, but she is a bit of a hoarder.
I can't wait until this is over, it's so much stress on all of us! Hopefully she can be happy in her new place after all this stuff with the trailer is done.
We are going over to her place this afternoon for a BBQ, the apartment is having a 5 year anniversay BBq.
It's hot as hell here and the humidity is terrible. It's suppose to rain this afternoon, so lets hope it doesn't until after the BBQ. Have a great weekend everyone.
Hugs Donna
Ok everyone, I fixed my screw-up, so please download this one again. I don't know how this happened, because in my link for it, I had it typed right, so I don't know how I goofed, but I did. 


  1. Before you post, you should check the spelling and/or grammar. Too often, I see the word "your" when the word "you're" is supposed to be used. Look at your post and and what you mean to say is "You are (You're) getting old . . . not "your."

  2. Im embarrassed for the person who wrote the "ANONYMOUS" comment build a bridge and walk over it sister ! To think you were here and I am sure you downloaded Im also sure you like other`s can use your PSP to fix the Your to You`re I ask where`s your THANK YOU ? now that I vented :) I feel better...

    Donna I think there`s a little hoarding in everybody ..Since the TV show about hoarding I have done some serious donating :) .
    THANK YOU :~} bunches for today`s download lol cause it is so true with me & mine....

  3. Thanks Crystalnva....I couldn't have said it better! I know Donna knows the difference and it is just that she is really distracted right now with all this with her mother.
    Thanks so much Donna, I agree with the sentiment (even though I don't have one now)....I have been very busy with my sale of my duplex...only to wind up being the purchaser of the other half and will stay here. Will use it as rental for income for later...getting older is a bitch sometimes when you have to figure out ways to make some money without having to come out of retirement....LMBO! Hope things will calm as soon as you finish with your sale. Love ya girl, and yes, it is hotter than HELL here too, this is the 15th day of 100+ temps and HUMIDITY~come on fall~ we have had enough....LOL! Hugs, Mat

  4. Thanks ladies for defending my mistake, I should have caught it, and didn't. no excuse. I will try to get it fixed , so everyone can re-download it..




My layouts........These are pictures of My life~~My joys~~~My
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Doing these pages has relieved my stress somedays, helped
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most of all I remember My wonderful family, friends, and
life. I'm hoping that these pictures will bring some joy to
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