Thursday, August 28, 2014
Hi, just a short note tonight, it's just about bed time and I am very tired tonight, I think the last few weeks are finally catching up to me. The sale of mom stuff started today, another ladie is doing it and I haven't talked to my sister today to see how it went. It has been raining most of the day, so that isn't a good thing for a estate sale. I did go and visit mom today, but didn't tell her we were having the sale this weekend. She is going to really be mad at us when she finds out. There is just no other way to do this tho".  Oh well, what is meant to be - will be and it is "what it is".


  1. Hello and Thank you for this great word art...

  2. good luck with the estate sale, I know it is hard on all of you! thanks for this cute word art. it is nice, quiet and very peaceful here today, no one around to bug me and no one has called....loving the solitude today! Thanks for all you share, have a beautiful week ahead! Hugs, Mat

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