Monday, September 1, 2014
I thought I would post a new one before I head to bed. It seems like it has been a real long day. Yesterday , the kids came over and we BBQ and enjoyed some yard games. Thanks heavens the rain held off until over night. Today we did a bit of yard work and a bit of odds and ends that needed to be done.I cheated and we went and picked up tacos for supper.It seems like after working outside I lose all desire to cook! LOL
Have a great week enveryone.


  1. luv it and it`s so dang ..we got alil smarter as the years go by and now the kids campout in the backyard or in our family room we ALL luv it..THANK YOU ;~} bunches...

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  3. Thanks so much dear, I think I have caught up again, been a very busy and stressful few days around here, no time for computer, blogging or even Facebook, time to slow down now. Hugs, Mat




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