Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Here ya go.
How was everyones Thanksgiving? We had a great day spent with the family. Lots of family bonding and way to much to eat. But I guess that happens around this time of the year.
How are you doing with your Christmas shopping? I got mine about 3/4 done. It's going to be mostly money this year for the kids, just have no idea what to get them. I got my tree up, but that is about all I'm putting up this year being we are going to go to Colorado for Christmas. This will be the first year in many that all of my kids won't be with us at Christmas. Our one daughter and family won't be going to Colorado with the rest of us, so we will be missing them a lot.
I'm heading over to visit my mom this morning and probably take her shopping for a few things, it's so darn cold that she probably won't want to leave her apartment. LOL
Have a great week , and I will be back in a couple days.

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  1. The above word art is soo true - !
    Although my home is in Switzerland, I enjoy shopping in Germany, the sky's the limit and I behave like a kid in a toy shop everytime I get there (hee hee) Here behind the Swiss Alps we don't celebrate Thanksgiving.... hope you and yours enjoyed every moment..! Have a great weekend Donna, keep warm & stay well.




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