Thursday, January 1, 2015
Hi all, Happy NewYear! Hope you all had wonderful Holidays. We had a great trip to Colorado, spending time with the family out there. It is good to be home and to have things start to get back to normal. Jim retired on the 21st of Dec. so now I have to adjust to a new normal! LOL
We found out when we got home that our dish washer was leaking again, so we have spent the last couple days, tearing up part of our kitchen flooring and replaceing it. Thank goodeness Menard still carried this wood flooring, so we didn't have to replace the whole thing.
Went up to our son and daughter-in-laws and spent the day there today. Had a great time with them and the 2 girls. We did fondue (chicken, steak, bread, shrimp and a few other items) and sat around and played games. We went out for breakfast this morning with friends, so it's been a good first day of 2015!
Tomorrow will be busy trying to get the floor done. Birthday party for our grandson on Sunday afternoon. Next week all the kids go back to school, and then we can all settle in for the winter. We are suppose to go into a "deep" freeze in a few days, so better enjoy the next couple of days with  temps in the 20's.
Think it's time to go and read a bit before I head for bed. Have a great weekend everyone.

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  1. glad your trip was a fun filled one, but sad you had to come back to floor repairs. Hope you both enjoy the retirement, and yes, it is an adjustment for both of you! So keep your doors closed and don't send the cold this way....LOL! We had mid 50's on Friday with lots of sunshine and woke Saturday morning to 26F and wind chill of 14, this morning it is 22F....I think I should have asked you to keep that door shut on Friday....ROFLMAO! Hope the new year brings you lots of blessings! Hugs to you my friend and thanks for the wordart too! Mat




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