Wednesday, January 7, 2015
How are you all handling this cold spell? We stayed in today, just to cold with the -40 temps to be out and about. Our poor dog Chinook is not happy, we haven't taken her for her morning walk for about 5 days now and tomorrow doesn't look real good either.
They have my mothers apartment qurnatined (sp) because of the flu that is running thru all the people there. she is in assisted living and she isn't a happy camper! We haven't been able to go and visit since the 19th of Dec. and I usually go over there at least once and sometime twice a week. Besides that she is confined to her apartment and can't leave it. So her and her "friend" Ed can't go back and forth to each others place during the day, she is only able to talk to him on the phone. They are bringing her food into her apartment because she can't go to the dining room.
We are going to have a date night tomorrow night, we are going to the casino for SeaFood Night and to play a bit of blackjack. It has been ages since we have went and had a relaxing -"Foolish" Fun night. Hopefully the weather doesn't get to bad so that we can't go. We are suppose to get snow again tomorrow morning. yuck!
Yesterday we made homemade sausages  He wanted to try his new meat grinder out. He is trying to keep busy, this is his first full week of retirement!
Stay warm,

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  1. ROFLMAO at this one...such truer words have never been spoken! Love it! Thanks a lot for the laugh!
    We have had colder than normal this year...not as bad as you, but 14F with a wind chill of 8 is way too cold for me....I haven't been out since Friday morning. I am worse than a bear at hibernating....LOL! Hope your trip was fun, I lazed and watched football all weekend! Hugs, Mat




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