Wednesday, March 4, 2015
Winter is still here, so I thought I had better get this posted for you all. The weather here for the next week is suppose to be in the 30's and maybe all the way up to the 50s.
Just think next Sunday the time changes again, it seems like we just changed our clocks- doesn't it?
I kinda like it when it gets dark earlier, I can get in my jammies and get comfy, can't do that when it stays light until 9:30 at night.LOL
We get to babysit our kids dog this weekend. Meatie is a bull dog and a sweety, him and chinook love each other, Chinook has spent a lot of weekends over at his house. Chinook wears him out tho, fat little guy can't play as long as she can.
I did some baking today, it was cold and I didn't feel like doing anything else, so I bake when I need to keep my mind off from other things. Just like I rearrange my living room  furniture when i'm stressed--anybody else do that?
Hugs Donna

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  1. Oh yes, I love to bake when I'm thinking...I don't rearrange the furniture too often anymore, too heavy to do by myself and the fur babies certainly don't like change...LOL...after all it is their house, they just allow me to stay here and feed them! ROFL!!
    Thanks for the lovely wordart...our winter lasted a whole 36 hours this past week...but brought life to a shutdown here til the ice and snow was gone...LMAO!
    Hope you enjoy more improving weather, it is raining here this morning so I think I will go make a batch of brownies to take to work tomorrow.
    Have a great week. Hugs, Mat




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