Friday, July 29, 2016
I thought I had better get on the ball and post another freebie.I have been writing letter every day to our grandson who is in Basic Training in Texas. Lackland AFB  They say that the best way for these "kids" to make it thru basic is letters from home. So I think he is flooded with letters! LOL
We finally got a break from the heat, it's only suppose to be cool for a couple of days, so I took advantage of it and went out and cleaned out my flowers a little bit and pruned some bushes.
Tonight we are having friends and some of our kids over for a camp fire, have a glass of wine, beer and just enjoy each others company.
I have been reading a lot about Tylers graduation from Basic training, and we should get our base passes soon. We still have to print off maps and check out the time frame for all the events. It's kinda cool, think it will be a high light of our summer, besides we really haven't been to Texas before, unless you count driving over the state line, just to say we were there.!
Any way I better get this done.
Hugs Donna      Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Thanks for this very cute word art!! Oh my goodness, here in South Australia we are dreaming of heat .. we are in the midst of an extremely cold & wet winter :( Great for the plants, not so great for me!!

  2. Thanks sooooooo much for this one Miss it! It is so hot, hot, hot and humid here. Have a great time on your visit here....about 5 hours south of me. Hugs, Mat




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