Friday, December 13, 2019's a oldie that I thought you might like.  Christmas cookies is a major event at our house with the  grandkids every year. We roll them out, cut them, then bake and the kids have more fun decorating them. I have a lot of sprinkles that hit the floor well before they ever get on the cookies. But it is now a tradition, and even tho the grandkids are growing up, it makes for a fun day for all the cousins to get togather  and catch up on each others life. And let me tell you, this grandma loves it too!


  1. Merry CHRISTmas Donna! I'm sorry I have been remiss in commenting, so very busy! Arthritis has been around making things miserable for me (requiring 3 different injections to eliminate some of the inflammation)! Also I have decided to sell my home here in Texas and move to where my family resides in Georgia! I have been here 43 years and think it is time to go home! I have no family here but my fur babies who are quite bewildered with all these boxes stacked to ceiling in each room!LOL! I do keep reassuring them they are going with me! Anyhow, purging and packing 29 years in this home is exhausting! We go to closing here on the 23rd and closing there on the 10th so I have no time for my computer or even sending out cards this year (a first)! Will try sending after settling to let all my friends know why with my new address! Just wanted to wish y'all a blessed and Merry CHRISTmas and a wonderful 2020
    Hugs, Mat

    1. oh Mat, so happy for you! It will be nice to be around your family. I know you miss them a lot. Hope everything goes great and smooth for you. Merry Christmas!! Hugs Donna




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