Friday, February 26, 2016 All,
Is Spring coming to your part of the country? It seems like we are getting it
here in Minn. Tomorrow it is suppose to be in the 50's--yuck , hard to believe.
If it reaches 54 we will break a record all the way back to 1800's So you know
that we don't usually get  50 degrees in Feb! But they are saying that our winter
isn't over, We usually get a major snow storm the first part of March right during
the High School Hockey Touraments. Myself, I'm not quite ready for Spring anyway,
I know, what's wrong with me-- right? I just happen to be one of those weird people
that likes Winter. I love to cuddle up in my chair with my quilt after supper and watch
T.V, In the summer when it stays light out until 9;30 I feel like I should be up doing
How do the rest of you feel about winter/Spring. And how about daylight savings time?
Which is another thing, we will be turning our clocks ahead soon, gosh it seems like we just
turned them back.
Going to head for bed---Tomorrow is Sat, so I can sleep a little later.
Hugs Donna

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  1. Good Saturday Morning Donna, been awhile since I've dropped by....too chilly up here...LOL! Spring came here long time ago and summer has set in February! Crazy weather for sure from 30-80 in no time, then back to 30...trees are budding, grass needs to be mowed already, plants are popping out everywhere...I think most of them will be stunted as surely we will get another "freeze" before Easter. Always have to dress in layers and bring home clothes that have been discarded....ROFL! thanks for the word art I picked them as usual. Think I will try visiting a bit before I get is only 5:00 a.m. here! Hugs and have a fabulous weekend! Mat




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