Sunday, July 23, 2017
I think this one is so true, I have discovered even more then before how much we need friends when we are going thru tough times. Friends can do things that family can't some time.
I am starting chemo on Wed right here in Northfield, so I don't have to travel  for treatment- thank goodness, and I have so many things going thru my head,--Lets get this done--scared of how i'm going to feel (sick feelin)---scared of losing my hair- Is that a vanity thing?-- I have it so much better then a lot of people, so I am grateful. Yesterday was a really good day for me, I had so much energy, very little coughing. today not as much, but not to bad.
It's still hot as heck here, in my part of Minnesota got up this morning and actually thought we might be able to turn air off,
no such luck.  The humidity kicked in and it's hot!!  Jim got out and got the grass mowed and we finished off the flower bed bricks, so that looks great again.
This evening we are going to visit some friends, Jim needs to let a little stress out and I need to get out of this house, I worry about how things are going with me, but I also know Jim is trying to keep a cheerful face for my sake, but I know that he is worried too. He has been so great thru all this, I love this man!
Have a great week everyone and don't for get to put a smile on someones face
Hugs Donna

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  1. Lovely sentiments, thank you so very much for the wordart and the update. Been there and YES friends can do more than family at times, but still it is so awesome you have Jim by to go through this with you! Good Luck with the chemo and will continue to pray for a speedy and tolerable recovery for you! Hugs, Mat




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